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Whether or not you buy into paranormal investigations, there's no denying things have been getting spirited on social media regarding cast departures on Syfy's Ghost Hunters. And since news broke that Amy Bruni and Adam Berry were departing the nearly year-old series, the ghosts of investigators past, present and yet-to-come have weighed in - and there seems to be evidence of drama and hurt feelings.

Published yesterday, May 29, around 6 p. ET, Deadline reported Bruni and Berry were leaving the unscripted paranormal reality show to pursue their own ghosty projects. Deadline did not name its source, but it is likely one of the two principles, or their representation. This is kind of a big deal for Ghost Hunterswhich returns with new episodes in October. Since it premiered in - making it Syfy's longest-running reality show -- the series has experienced high turnover with female cast members with Bruni being around the longest episodes, according to IMBD, since Berry, has been with the show sincewhen he made the leap to the main series from the spin-off Ghost Hunters Academy.

Together, Bruni and Berry, who is openly gay, have operated as a team on the show as well as representing diversity on a cast dominated by white, straight males. By p. That phrasing is notable because team leader Jason Hawes -- who also serves as producer on Ghost Hunters and maintains control over the show's investigative team TAPS The Atlantic Paranormal Society - tweeted this at p. Big differences between "Bowing out' and "Impossible demands" in this crazed world.

His statement that there is a "big differences between 'Bowing out' and 'Impossible demands' in this crazed world" seemed to be a reply to Wilson's tweet. Not only does Hawes' tweet suggest contractual demands, but further posts intimate that it was his call to either reject those demands and push the two out. In response to a fan tweet about "out with the old, on [sic] with the new," Hawes replied, "Most Agree. I made the right call and it's gonna be a good one!

He additionally tweeted that show is "stronger than ever. Kris Williamsformer Ghost Hunters investigator, and one-time leader of the since-canceled Ghost Hunters International spin-off, appeared to take issue with Hawes' tweets.

Less than an hour after his post, she posted that it "Says a lot about a 'leader' when they look to trash others who've done nothing but have their backs ImpossibleDemands. He also retweeted the Pilgrim casting tweet. Bruni and Berry themselves remained quiet about the Deadline story. In fact, most of what Bruni was posting on social media yesterday involved "making hard decisions," before the story broke, and teasing a "top secret" project with Coffey.

However, both posted statements today offering more details. They In very similarly worded statements they mentioned an "unpredictable schedule" and the toll the show took on their family.Of the original Ghost Hunters, Brian Harnois is probably the least known. Even though Brian worked in Ghost Hunters back in its early days, he left the set for a better job and has been out of the camera save for a few documentaries.

Not much is known about Brian as the man likes to keep his secrets close. Brian never liked giving interviews, and the ones he gave were always focused on his work. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Brian Harnois.

As a young kid, Brian has heavily invested in the paranormal. From the time he was able, Brian started investigation paranormal occurrences around the town. He was responsible for packaging electronic equipment to send to other government contractors.

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Brian once revealed that he never understood what his boss meant during the time. One of the first investigators, Brian was respected by Hawes and the rest of the hunters. He worked on the series for two years before leaving the set for better opportunities.

He did the same in his new workplace and was later called out for it. After leaving the show, Donna revealed that Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson mentally abused Brian, which led him to leave the show.

While the claim was neither confirmed nor denied, it cannot be dismissed. He has worked for over 20 years as an investigator and has been involved in more than cases. He not only starred in several A Haunting documentaries but also worked as a cinematographer. Brian Harnois is a married man or at least was. Since he does not share about his wife we can not tell for sure.

Nonetheless, he is father of two daughters, Mackenzie and Kylie Harnois.While many paranormal investigators found fame following their appearances in Ghost Hunters, Barry is one of the few exceptions. Barry was already well-known in the paranormal society way before his association with The Atlantic Paranormal Society. During his early years, Barry was associated with two paranormal groups in Ireland. Not only is Barry one of the best paranormal investigators around, but he is also an author and has written his fair share of books.

In this article, we take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Barry Fitzgerald. Barry Fitzgerald was born in in Lisburn, Northern Ireland. Born and raised in Ireland, Barry was interested in paranormal occurrences from a young age.

For all his interests, Barry has not revealed if there was any specific incident that led him to ghost hunting. Growing up, Barry preferred solo investigation and tried solo investigations for quite a while. But he eventually joined a paranormal society operating within Ireland. However, his first appearance in Ghost Hunters came in This was the third episode of the sixth season, and Barry had to wait another year for his next appearance. InBarry was asked to lead the paranormal team in the spin-off series, Ghost Hunters International.

The series began airing on January 9,and followed the team to several haunted locations across Europe. Barry co-led the team alongside Kris Williams and Robb Demarest. Barry made appearances in all 56 episodes of the series.

'Ghost Hunters' Amy Bruni, Adam Berry Exit: Fall Out, Feuds, Predictions Begin

The final episode aired on the 4th of April, After wrapping up Ghost Hunters International, Barry left the Ghost Hunters Franchise and focused on his work as an author and photographer. From a young age, Barry was interested in writing and photography. An avid photographer Barry regularly documents the beauty at night. Barry opened a gallery exhibition displaying indisplaying some of his collection in Lviv within Ukraine. Over the years, Barry has worked on Neolithic tombs which led to a rumor that Barry had disappeared.More information.

U-P-R-O is an Organization that connects groups from all over the World and works closely with those groups to further the field of Paranormal studies.

S is regionalU-P-R-O is international. Showing what goes into a full investigation. The researching, the revelations, the investigation and the findings. Every investigation is a puzzle with many pieces. Ghost Nation shows how the puzzle goes together.

Ghost Hunters’ Kris Williams Husband, Net Worth, Age, and Wiki Bio

The Atlantic Paranormal Society T. Since then they have created another hit show. S was around before Television fame and will be long after. S is the most visited Paranormal site in the World. S brings decades of experience in investigating with its pioneering of equipment and techniques that has changed the field of paranormal investigating forever.

All research and investigations are performed free of charge. Sign in. Log into your account.

Ghost Hunters Brian Harnois Now?, wiki-Bio, age, wife, kids.

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Trending Now. Horror movies based on true events and the stories behind them. Creepy tales behind 10 of the most haunted places in Sunderland. About T. Paranormal Articles. Jason Hawes - April 27, 0. Paranormal Definitions April 27, Good or Evil April 26, The Underworld Exposed April 26, TV Schedule. Sign In. Ghost Hunters —.

Year: S13, Ep1. Error: please try again. Since its founding inthe remote mining town of Clifton, AZ has been trapped in a devastating cycle of violence, mayhem, and natural disaster. But despite its many struggles, Clifton remains home to a small population. Along with its brutal past comes a long history of dark paranormal experiences in the town, which has many residents convinced that Clifton may be cursed. Isolated and concerned the town may no longer be safe for their families, the townspeople have turned to the Ghost Hunters to investigate the continuous paranormal activity and the connection, S13, Ep2.

On their second night of investigation in the remote mining town of Clifton, Arizona the team revisits several hubs of paranormal activity as they try to get to the bottom of the aggressive phenomena. Grant, Brandon and Brian have a breakthrough in the Boarding House, where they establish direct communication with a troubled soul.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team expands the search perimeter. S13, Ep3. Isolated deep in the wilderness of Southern New Mexico, Fort Stanton was originally established in the 19th century as a military post, then later it was converted to a tuberculosis hospital to help combat the epidemic that swept the country at the turn of the century.

Thousands are believed to have died and been buried on site. Though no longer in use, it has been preserved as a cherished historical landmark. Disturbing reports of paranormal activity date back to the s, but a recent uptick in claims has the Deputy Director of New Mexico historic sites worried S13, Ep4. The Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts Camp, deep in Northern Colorado forestland, has long been plagued by reports of unsettling paranormal encounters.

Today, campers and faculty there still experience paranormal activity. In the first professional investigation of the site, Grant sends the team ahead to begin without him. Later, when Grant joins the team, he proposes a creative tactic that triggers some unexpected results. S13, Ep5. Between andcountless fortune seekers set out on a voyage to the Klondike region of North America in search of gold.

Many had to pass through the small and secluded town of Haines, Alaska. For some, however, Haines was the end of the journey as many lost their lives due to extreme weather conditions, starvation, or bloody conflicts.Brian has over 19 years and investigations experience as a paranormal investigator.

Brian has 2 daughters named MacKenzie and Kylie. Brian became interested in the paranormal when he was 11 years old in the year when while sleeping over his friend Josh Gravel's house, he witnessed a full body apparition walk through the room. For the next 4 years he researched and read about anything and everything paranormal he could get his hands on.

At the age of 15 in he began investigating the paranormal by going to cemeteries and old mill buildings in the area of Woonsocket, RI. After 7 years of investigating by himself, he decided to join a group in the Rhode Island area. He looked on the internet for local groups and T. The Atlantic Paranormal Society popped up on his browser. He immediately emailed one of the co-founders Jason Hawes to see if he could possibly meet up with him to talk about joining the group.

After 4 years in the year Jason was approached to do a new reality ghost show. After a couple of months of negotiations Brian along with the rest of the T. Production began in June of Brian was one of the main characters on the show and appeared in the first 3 seasons of the show.

He is also the originator of the catch phrase of the show "Dude,Run". Episodes marked "special" in the above tables are listed on SyFy. The specials are just reviews and recaps of investigations. The following list are televised Ghost Hunters events that are not counted as part of any particular season of the program. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save. Original Airdate.

Episode Title. Investigation. Altoona Tantrum. Altoona, PA - private residence. Mishler Theatre. The Lighthouse Inn. Race Rock Lighthouse. Eastern State Penitentiary. The Converted Church. New Bedford, MA - armory. New Boston Inn.

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The Negative Entity .Within a span of 30 minutes, Donna pulled out all the stops and in between ridiculous rants from the Ghost Divas she served up the following tidbits:.

That she is living with her parents due to the same financial issues. That she made some great connections, met some really nice people and was glad that Ghost Hunters had brought the paranormal discussion into so many living rooms. You can listen to the entire radio show over here. Just be forewarned, it's really long and the Ghost Divas are so full of themselves that at times they barely let Donna speak, instead, they go off on some weird rant about getting their boobs done when they turn Jason Hawes had this to say in rebuttal on the website scifake.

That is what makes the country great. We have nothing to hide so I am comfortable with that. A bit. Not concerned at all. TAPS has never done anything wrong. People can say what they want.

Brian Harnois

Donna then responded on scifake. I can guarantee that. That is fine. But, I know why. I was answering questions about MY experience. And I do applaud Jason for coming forward with a reply. I know, it's a lot to digest and frankly, I'm still trying to digest it all myself. I have to say though that I keep going back to the statement she made about "I never said anyone faked anything, just that it if it did go on, I wouldn't be privy …" To that I can't help but respond that she was deeply involved in both shows, Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International.

Either you weren't a very good investigator, or there wasn't anything being faked. To being left almost bankrupt by the show as well as Brian and Andy I say, while I feel horribly for you, I think there is someone that is more to blame here than Pilgrim Productions, and that would be the crummy entertainment lawyer that you all hired.

Remember, she said that each of them used the same the lawyer. OK, so the crummy contract did come from Pilgrim, but they are a business, and as a business you try to save expenses anywhere that you can. Was it rotten of them to offer you a bad contract? Did you have to sign it? Should your lawyer have advised you against it? But the fact of the matter is, you did sign it after your lawyer said it was ok.

Ipso Facto, blame your lawyer, not Pilgrim. How about naming that crummy lawyer so no one else gets caught in the same situation instead of taking your anger and bitterness out on Pilgrim? As you can probably tell, I'm leaning toward Donna being that typical disgruntled former employee.

I can understand that she is hurt and angry, as proven by her comment about 'And I don't need them to comment although it would be nice ,' she seems to be looking for some backup from her former cast-mates for a raw deal that she was handed, but to open the show up to questions of fakery, when in her own words she admits she never SAW anything being faked is just wrong, spiteful and totally uncalled for. Did anyone else pick up on something I may have missed in this huge mess of an interview?

Leave your comments below and let me know about it! There is a follow-up to this story over here: Donna LaCroix vs. Get yourself a profile page and then click follow me on my profile page! Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission. All rights reserved About Us.

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